Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope you Mamas had a great Mother's day and were spoiled lots and lots!

My boys took me out on a date to chikfila! I love all the fun activities that they do there for families! We had a horse drawn carriage, and even a massage while the boys crafted!

A picture with my girl before the date:

At our date, the boys opened doors, pulled out the chair, and even paid!

 Only my son would want chicken noodle soup in 100 degrees. They gave the moms a ton of food, so I shared with them. They got kids meals.

On Saturday, we spent the whole day painting the house, and  I was exhausted. When I went to bed though, I found this:

And on Sunday, my husband brought me breakfast while I was getting ready for church and gave me flowers and my favorite drink:

After church, we were treated to a lunch made by my mother in law, and the mamas even got gifts!

But the very best part? Coming home after going out for a bit with my sister in law (we had free money to jc penney and free sonic drinks!) to find that my husband had cleaned the kitchen, caught up on the dishes from a busy weekend and even mopped the floor. 

Definitely a spoiled mama!
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