Monday, May 16, 2011

Make A Bike Basket

Happy Monday! Any fun weekend projects happen? Cross a lot off your to do list?

We didn't compared to last weekend (we finished painting the exterior of our house last weekend) but check out this fun project for 5.00!

A month or so ago, my husband surprised me with a new bike. Even though I was perfectly fine with the bike I bought with babysitting money back in the 7th grade, he felt it was time for an upgrade. With the upgrade though also came with a baby seat on the back. 

So as a family, we have been going on bike rides. It's fun but its also kind of a challenge trying to figure out where to put everything now that we no longer use a bike trailer. I was using a backpack I had made, but baskets are just cuter. But they are also kind of pricey! My sweet husband found an inexpensive one but it wasn't the cute one that I had in my head, so we didn't order it.

The other day, I drug the whole family up to the thrift store with me because I was looking for something else. He came walking up to me with this:

Hmm, that's sort of...not my taste. "But we can paint it!", he said. 5.00? Ok. let's give it a whirl.

So we took it home. All I could think of was getting those leaves off. But since they were super soldered onto the delicate wire, his solder gun didnt get hot enough and I didnt want the wire to get destroyed. 

So while he painted it, I went inside and made a liner for it using burlap. 

I didn't take pictures for a tutorial, because there are many different tutorials out there for a liner.  I did have a bit more of a challenge with this one because of the way the basket narrows towards the bottom. But I figured it out and gave it a 4 inch...overhang? edge? fold over? Not sure what it's called, but I made it so that it covers those leaves! For the bottom, I added elastic instead of a drawstring, since burlap is so delicate once it's cut. The elastic could also be tighter drawn, but its nice and tight on the basket, so it's ok. 

To attach, we used zipties through the basket onto the bars.

It looks like the basket was made for the bike!

Can't wait to take it for a spin!

Happy Creating!
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Diana Waite said...

YOU are amazing!! I love this idea!~

Anonymous said...

I love this! How do you attach it to the bike?


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