Saturday, May 7, 2011

romper outfit tutorial

I am loving all the adorable rompers out there! If I thought I could pull it off for myself, I totally would. But alas, I will leave that look to my daughter.

I combined an old pair of shorts for the pattern with a pillowcase top design into a one piece with a little belt tie. I did it during naptime and it went pretty fast. Since I put this together on my own, it's not perfect, but its perfect for her. I did it in a 12-18 month size, and if you'd like to adjust to fit your own needs, or use this tutorial, then let's go!  If the pictures aren't large enough in the post, I think clicking on them will enlarge it.

Get an old pair of shorts that you like the length of. These were actually 6 month size shorts but they fit really well for her. Make sure you leave a seam allowance, a couple of inches at the top for your casing and a good inch at the bottom for casings as well.

I didn't take a picture, but also, cut 2 11inch strips of 1/4 elastic for the leg openings and 18 inches of elastic for waist

Cut two short pieces on the fold:

Now for your top pieces. Cut two on the fold: 12 1/2 L and 8 inches wide:

Keep folded and cut a J shape about 3x3 opposite side of fold for both top pieces This is the arm holes. Open it up and you should have this:

For the two ties, cut 1 piece that is 3 1/2 inches wide on 45 inch fabric at fold, and cut another 3 1/2 inches wide by 7 inches on fold:


now let's work on the top portion!

fold 1/4 inch and then fold again on the arm hole portions and sew. Do this all four times.

 Now for your top casing. Fold over 1/4 inch and iron, then fold again two inches. Sew. Repeat for other top piece.

This is what you should now have for both top pieces:

Pin both top pieces right sides together and sew zig zag down sides below arm holes.

Now for the tie:

fold right sides together and iron then sew shut on the long part only.

Using a safety pin, turn right side out.

Iron flat.

Fold ends over.

Then fold in a triangular fold. iron and sew.

Now taking a safety pin, pull through both casings.


Top portion complete.

Now let's do those bottom pieces.

Take your two bottom pieces, unfold and pin right sides together. sew longer part down to curve.

At this point, fold top of shorts 1/4 inch and then another 2 inches and iron:

open shorts and sew from the curve down to create leg holes.

now fold and iron 1/4 inch and then another 1 inch for both legs to create casings. sew, leaving an inch or so open for elastic.

insert 11 inch elastic piece with safety pin

Sew elastic shut

then sew casing closed.

Repeat for other leg.

Now for the button holes. You can skip this part if button holes give you the heebies, but it definitely adds to the outfit with the tie. Or just sew the tie right on!

Here we go. Open up your top fold from earlier, and below the iron fold you will add your button holes in the center of the shorts. Sorry I didnt get a picture, but here's where the button holes go.

Now sew all the way around after you refold it, leaving an opening for your elastic. See the button holes peaking there in the front? 

We are going to attach the top to the bottom piece. Set your machine to gather or just do it by hand. Doing it by hand can be easier because its easier to maneuver.

Sew or gather all the way around the top.  
Turn shorts right side out, and slip on the top inside out like this: the bottom of the top should be matching up to the top of the bottoms. Wow, that sounds confusing! 

Now adjust your gather so that its the same width as the bottoms and pin. make sure the sides are all lined up and its all straight. Sew all the way around.

Now add elastic to your waist casing like we did the legs. sew elastic ends together and sew casing shut. 

Turn entire outfit right side out. You should have the main body finished (this picture is minus the elastic. i got ahead of myself!)

Now, do the tie from the 14 inch strip you cut earlier. fold, turn right side out, iron flat and sew ends.  Then thread through button holes and tie. 

You are set! all finished!

You can also add ruffles, pockets, and other embellishments! Here's one with a ruffle on top:

Super cute and easy too!

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