Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The under 30.00 clubhouse

Although this has been built for a couple of months, we still need to add a few things to it before it is finally complete. I thought I would go ahead though and talk about our "under 30.00 clubhouse"

A few months ago, I found out that my oldest was in sunday school upset one day because "he wanted to go buy wood at the store to build a clubhouse." At this point, we had no idea that these thoughts were going through his mind and then we even found out he had score a few dollar bills from our pastor to do it!

Well, my super fabulous husband decided to set to work to building the poor boy a clubhouse. We decided right away that this was going to be a very inexpensive project, and that it would be built from the cull rack wood at the home improvement store (you know, that great .51 cents a wood section? LOVE it.) and then "oops" paint from the paint sections.

Lucky husband of mine sent to work and one day stumbled upon 4  4x10  half inch mdf full sheets of wood for 1.00 total. We were extremely excited about this find because it was going to be the main body of the clubhouse. Seriously, 1.00?! How can you beat that!

Here it shows the sides, and how he left spaces between the side pieces for a little more ventilation inside.

So he and the boys would build it on their spare time and it was neat to see it going up. Remember this wood? Well, we still have crib pieces and one of the side pieces became a drawbridge, complete with a rope/pulley/lock system. They love that door.

Remember, all the paint used was from the oops sections. We thought it was a little more red, but thats ok, it can always be repainted. (these seats were supposed to be used as pillars, but are now seats, or they could be used as bins for their stuff) They were bought at Ikea for 3.00 a piece.

For detailing, he took scrap pieces of wood and screwed them on the castle and spray painted black to distress

The top still needs a ladder to it and I keep toying around the idea of a shade

So many fun possibilities for this! Pennants on top, pillows inside for a reading area, little paintings on the walls, what a great space to get creative with!

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