Monday, May 2, 2011

Hexagon Nut Bracelet

Happy Monday! This is a strange day for me. For the past ten years I have known my husband, he has always had Mondays off. But he had an exciting opportunity at work that I am so proud of him for and starting today begins a new schedule for at least three months. There's a bit of an adjustment but so far so good. My laundry is being done earlier, my errands have more company since I brought the kids along (I am trying to look at this positively!), ya know. But the kids definitely need to adjust their sleeping schedule since they are now along for the ride with the school drop off. We can do it!

This weekend, I made a really fun and inexpensive bracelet from this tutorial at because Im addicted. What's really cool is I did a search  and found this necklace with the same idea for 325.00!  Since I am feeling lazy, here's a picture straight from my phone of my version


I bought size 6 hexagon nuts in a 22 pack for 1.18 and household twine for 2.50 at Lowes. My husband says it looks like a giant zipper. I just like it! Try it for yourself!

Now off to find out how to take gum off skin. My toddler has it stuck all over her big baby belly! (Scared to find out where the rest of it is!)

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Anonymous said...

That bracelet is lovely ands inventive. Love it x


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