Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alligator Party!

My little guy doesn't have a lot to say, but one thing he likes is alligators, and he lets us know! Its actually really cute how he says it, just dont ask him to say it...because he wont. It has to be on HIS terms.

So we decided to throw a little family party last night for his birthday tomorrow. The theme was...alligators!

I made this shirt with both applique and freezer paper stencil:

 Modelling it before the party started:

Then I did a bib. Chenille front, cordouroy back. 

Testing it out at dinner:

We didnt do all the decorations this time. I kept it simple with this banner I made and the fun part is, it can go in his room too!

The food was really good. My husband's hobby is smoking meat, so he took care of the big parts. He smoked pork for pulled pork sandwiches and did beans and coleslaw. I did mac and cheese from my friend's recipe who was super gracious enough to share it with me (and help me make it over the phone!) and we kept drinks simple with water, kool aid and sweet tea. My mother in law made a yummy  layer salad, some fruit kabobs with fruit snacks on the end which were a huge hit with the boys for sure, and an awesome alligator shaped dip. It tasted great and looked fun! She was such a huge help!

The most fun part of getting ready for our boys' birthdays is making the cake for it. Micah and I always do it together, and its always an adventure. Here is Jackson's cake.

This is what we started with:

a bundt cake, cupcakes, mini cupcakes and a sheet cake. Then we just started cutting until we got this shape:

And blowing out the candles....twice ya know, since he is turning two!

So thats about it! I will have more pictures from the party on our family blog soon. Thank you to our family for coming over and helping us celebrate the blessing that Jackson is in our lives! It means so much to us to know how much you love our little guy and he loves you all too!

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John said...

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Fantastic pictures.
I like your blog.

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Keep blogging.
Good luck.

Michelle Devine said...

LOVE the cake. Is there anything you cant do????

Melissa said...

I love the cake as well. Super talented. I tried to make a dunptruck for Ben yea, we ended up with cupcakes instead. LoL Love the shirt too. we are going to try and do freezer paper to make a tomato onesie for a friend.

LucieP said...

I am so proud of you Rebecca! You pulled off a great party!
I cannot believe the cake! How did you do the texture?
Remember...I am still waiting for How To posts!
I love love love the banner!!!!!

Swasey family said...

Way to go on the cake!!!The party looks like a blast.Me and my husband alwyas do the cake together stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the pics while making the cake. It inspired me to make a similar alligator cake for my son's 9th birthday. He loved it!


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