Monday, March 2, 2009

Chair Makeover

I got this fun chair from my mother in law a few months ago when we redid the laundry room. We redid it today and although I am not happy with it yet, I wanted to show the progress on it:


So Far:

 I do NOT like the white. Not only is it too white, but it wouldnt dry! SO, we are going to sand it and do a different color. I think I am also going to put a bigger white lace trim around it. I love the seat and ribbons though!

I will post the final product when we finish it!
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Melissa said...

I like the white! It looks really cute... I love how you do things like that too! I recovered my dining room chairs about 3 weeks ago because I wanted something different. You are so cute!!!

Amy O said...

I like the white too, it has that retro 50's enamel look! Nice work Martha! or is it Suzy? I'm going to have to commit to one or the other!

j.russell said...

Cute Chair! Are you going allow anyone to sit on it.. lol!


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