Tuesday, March 10, 2009

White Picket Fences

Recently, my darling husband built a fence to guard my little garden in an area on the side of our house. The dog kept destroying anything that would even think about starting to grow, and it was getting sad. Plus. he likes to "guard" us, which means snooping his little snout in the drainage area of the fence to see out, thus giving him more reason to yap at anyone walking by.


Just a small quaint little area. Perfect for me to go and escape outside...while it is still cool anyway. I added some pretty flowers today.

"planters" are table legs from Ikea we got a couple of weeks ago. Clearanced down from 35 a piece to 10. Each one is holding 6 pots... my herbs are growing there mixed in with flowers.

We have two patches of sunflowers planted this year too. I can not wait for them to get nice and big over the fence!

He is building one on the other side for himself. I am excited for that because he will have a space for all his outdoor....stuff, the dog will not be able to bark under my children's windows and the boys will also stay out of the side yard. The fence doesn't cost much at all and is a nice and pretty fix to keeping everything in its place. :)

..and did you know that by planting marigolds by your tomatoes, it keeps the bugs out? Nifty little fact I learned from my mother in law. I am hoping to get tomatoes this year!

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