Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bedroom Desk

Have I mentioned before how much it drives me crazy to have our "office" in our bedroom? Sure, I could fix it, but maybe I want to have something to complain about. :)

Anyway, it was time to say goodbye to our big desk and move on with a smaller one. We moved some furniture around, got rid of some stuff and Micah built a new desk. I really like the new set up (once the room is put back together which it almost is). The desk half of the room is finished, and its nice because it is all by itself over there. I am not sure if it will stay here because I usually like to have the windows free from anything around it, but right now, its ok. He might build a new chair for it too, so we will be able to remove the roller mat on the floor.

Here is the image we put on the desk. The vinyl was too intricate so we made a stencil and painted the tree white. I added some glitter to give it a boost and then we sealed it with some clear gloss. I might not like the glitter right now, but I love the tree, so it stays. In person it is very pretty though. I also distressed it after we painted it and he put a pretty edge around the lid.

I have an art table I use for painting, and my husband was a little jealous of it, so he made sure this desk would not become a catch all for everything and he would have some space. Nothing is allowed to be stored on top of it. He built it so it has an open lid and our laptops fit inside. That way, "He always has a place to work too". I think I am going to line it with contact paper. We have a glass memo board that used to be on the wall that he is going to attach inside of the lid that fits perfectly for all of his random notes to himself.  I am also going to get some of those organizer boxes from ikea for drawers.

And here was my request: a place to put our printer so it didnt take up any space in our bedroom.

Total cost for the desk: 20 dollars. We had the knobs and paint already, and the wood he got mostly from the scrap pile at Home Depot, plus all the other hardware that went with it. Score.

Next up is our antique hope chest at the foot of the bed. I am going to paint and distress it black and replace the knobs to match the desk. 
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J and K's Sweet JAM said...

Wow, this came out great. I love that it has storage inside!

Brittney said...

I love the desk! and Rebecca i LOVE the tree with the glitter! :) so creative and beautiful!

Sparklinbecks said...

Thank you thank you!

sherry said...

Beautiful desk. I love the tree

Sparklinbecks said...

thanks sherry!


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