Monday, March 16, 2009

Bless Our Nest

The other night, I was really restless. The house was picked up, the boys were watching a movie, my husband was working on his Bible study for Sunday, and I had nothing really urgent to do. 

So, I went out and got a piece of scrap wood from the garage (fun!), got a piece of scrapbook paper out of the old stash (which was a couple of years old) and some vinyl, black glitter and black paint. I came up with this:

Because the paper was 12x12 and the wood was a lot longer, I cut it up into four pieces and pieced it together. I thought it would look better that way than two pieces. 

The sides are glittery black. Hard to capture glitter, isn't it? 

Because I had everything here, it cost nothing to make, it kept me entertained for a bit and is now hanging above our front door inside. 
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ER said...

very cool. You're very creative.

Diana said...

Man, you're creative!

kim hesson said...

super cute rebecca! not sure how you get it all done! those would be cute in your etsy shop!

Melissa said...

Ok, that is SO cute! Man, I really wish I could have come over the other night...look what I could have made!! hehe :)

J and K's Sweet JAM said...

Love it! Great job!

sherry said...

Very cute. Love the colors. Man you sure get a lot done in your day

Tina said...

So cute! I love it. You are truly amazing.


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