Thursday, March 5, 2009


Blogs totally inspire me. I love looking at blogs and seeing what fun creative things people are up to.  

The other day, Today's Creative Blog inspired me with this post  and I made this from Ikea:

What is it? It is a chipboard organizer! No longer do I have random chipboard packages taking up precious space.

 I know that theres been a lot of pink and green lately, but I have been working on organizing more in my "craft"/laundry room. The cost for the drawers are only 15 dollars. Not bad for a nice solid wood drawer set...only drawback? you have to assemble. lots of nails.  I spray painted (so so bad for environment, i know. shame on me) the box and then decorated front of the drawers. I have since fixed the corner of the "shapes" drawers too :)

Blogging is a beautiful thing. Blogging makes it possible for everyone to share awesome ideas and make the world a better..or at least :)
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Diana said...

way to go Rebecca! You ALWAYS inspire me! I see that the drawers are from Ikea but what are they called and where do you find them (what department)? I was just having a disagreement with my chipboard and they need to be sent to a corner. :)

Carolyn said...

I love finding a good idea on a blog. I also love pink and green together! My chipboards also are scattered. Great idea, thanks for posting!

Sparklinbecks said...

Thanks guys!

Diana, I dont remember the name of them but they are downstairs with all of the other storage boxes and such. theres different types you can get, but you can see by the display which ones are these.

sherry said...

Cute. love the colors

LucieP said...

I don't even know what chipboards are!

I would LOVE to have a post from you for new people like me who wanna know the lingo and wanna be more crafty! Help!

I don't know if you saw my post but I painted some pics for my bathroom!

J and K's Sweet JAM said...

This turned out great! Beautiful papers and awesome idea!

Falling Around said...

I love what you did with this drawer set... too cute!! Is it decoupage?

I love to find old, run-down looking things and give them new life. I just bought a nightstand and 3 chairs from the thrift store and was thinking about using decoupage on the drawer of the nightstand. Limitless possibilities!!


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