Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Why am I so drawn to yellow lately? I have been thinking (not really going to do it) of changing up the kitchen a bit. I would love a yellow kitchen with greens and browns, but then everything would have to change...and my husband keeps telling me I would get sick of those colors fast. I dont know.

Last night, my friend Devon came over and oh so patiently taught me to knit! For Christmas, I had received a whole roll up organizer of knitting needles passed down to me that my mother in law gave me that were her mom's. I have been wanting(and trying to learn) to knit since then, but kept getting so frustrated and giving up. I felt like crocheting was the only thing I could do with yarn, and kind of gave up.

Then this weekend, I picked them up and tried again. I was determined to learn.....but after a wasted evening of watching videos online, I gave it up again.

So Devon saw the frustration I was going through and generously offered her precious time to come over and help. And let me tell you, it was  a HUGE help!!

I think a lot of the problem was that I was trying to learn how to knit left handed (as I am left handed) but it just never felt right. After trying a couple of times last night, we decided that maybe I should just try to learn right handed. Definitely did the trick.

First I learned how to cast on.....and it was so much easier than how I was trying to learn online! After I did this for awhile, I then learned the knit stitch. Again, after a few stitches, it became pretty fun to do this one too! I worked on the kit stitch for awhile and then talked her into teaching me the purl stitch too! So I learned three steps of knitting last night! I practiced after she left and first thing this morning too, and am happy to say I remembered! (I was afraid I was going to get mixed up after I stopped for the night!)

Right now I am just practicing between the two stitches, but am excited to make something soon! Thanks again Devon! And check out her etsy store! Fun stuff!!

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devonaz said...

Rebecca you are such a good student and I am happy for another crafter to learn the art of knitting,,,maybe we can keep this art going on till whenever,,,glad you had a good time I know I did,,,even with the little people interuptions,,,have a wonderful day...

Sara said...

Yea! I'm impressed! Just remember to not be afraid to try new techniques! You'll find that the scarier it looks in a pattern, the easier (usually) it is to master...and it feels so good when you do! So enjoy some scarves and dishcloths for a while, but then be sure to get out there and experiment!

hint hint....if you're not already there, got to ravelry.com


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