Friday, March 20, 2009

While I was focused on the obvious...

This week, I studied John 14-John 16 by a suggestion from my husband. The next day at Bible study, these passages were referenced. I thought to myself, "wow, thats wild!" and tried to dismiss it. Maybe not intentionally....maybe so. Later, when my husband wanted to talk about how Bible study dealt with feelings and thoughts I have had this week, I kind of swept it under the rug. The thoughts and feelings kept coming up, and I kept praying about it.

This afternoon after a long discussion brought about by God no doubt, (certainly not from my own doing) , I came home trying to wrap my mind and heart around everything. Everything I have been feeling, everything that was talked about, everything I am focusing on.

I went outside to think about things (which I don't do minus watching the boys and watering the garden). I went and sat down by my garden. I needed to get outside and away from the housework, the computer, the other stuff that was wanting my attention. I needed to pray.

I started thinking again about what it is I focus on, and what I want my focus to be on. I looked at the garden, and saw what has been growing from seeds. I saw how much they have sprouted just from attention that has been given to them. Then I looked over at my tomato plants. I have three. A very tall one, and two small ones. All this time, I have been focusing on the taller one. Its always had more height and flowers to it. I was told it would produce a lot of fruit. So I watched it, not paying much attention to the smaller plants.

While I was focusing on the tall and obvious one....the one that showed itself more, but yet started to wilt.... the less obvious surprised me with fruit. Three small, but healthy looking fruit.

It took me by surprise. God then guided me back to John 15. Wow.
John 15:2 He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.

What do I need to focus on? The answer is simple: God first, my husband and then my children. The rest will follow. I am one who can do 15 things at once. Micah laughs at me because I can sew and iron as the laundry is washing, cook while put dishes away, entertain the boys while sending a text and taking pictures of it all happening at once. I can get a lot done during the day. But I see my focus shifting. And while that might terrify me because of the changes at hand, I know that the less obvious will bear more fruit and become more obvious to me than before. Pin It

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Tina said...

Missed you last night...been thinking about ya.


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