Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This took me 20 minutes tops. I was going to get rid of this dress but decided to hack it up first and see what happened.


Into a fun summer shirt:



Couldnt get a picture of my back :) Its a little messy with the hem at the top because when I cut the top off, i cut it too close to the dress part that I was keeping, so I probably wouldnt wear it out because I would be paranoid, but it was fun to play around and it fits well for not measuring anything! And if I really wanted to save the material, I could make the top into a shrug! Pin It


Diana said...

YOU are a ROCK STAR!! :) I'm so glad I can call you my friend....

Michelle Devine said...

Very cute. Way to recycle

Amy O said...

super-d-duper cute! I love it!

Melissa said...

Awesome! That is adorable! :) I found a few clothing items I want to try to make but I figured it would be nice to wait til maybe I am back to my normal weight, hehe. You did such a great job with that!


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