Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Fabric Stash=No Motivation?

Last week, my husband and I went and bought a bunch of fabric to boost up my Etsy shop a little bit. (Ok, its not like he went and picked out fabric. I drug him along because I needed help with the math. I had a budget to stick to, and hes definitely good at that.) Thats why I have slowly been adding things (meaning only 4 items so far) to Etsy.

I feel like I am stuck though. I dont know if its because maybe I am not sure what to put on Etsy, if I really want to make a bunch of stuff to sit around until it sells (I usually only make things as needed) or what the deal is. So...my fabric sits, untouched really.

But like I keep saying, be on the lookout. There is some fun fabric there....like this one that made a cute camera strap for a friend.

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