Saturday, December 27, 2008

39 Lemons.

That sounds like the name of a band, doesn't it?

39 lemons is actually the number of lemons we got off of our first harvest on our lemon tree! We started this tree when it was just a tiny five dollar stick at WalMart, and 5 years later, we have made 5 pitchers of juice and still have enough to do more!

Speaking of juice, I *won* a juicer Christmas eve at my parents! We have been juicin' fools every since! 3 pitchers of a citrus juice (grapefruit, lemons and oranges..all local from family and friends' trees!), apple/pear/banana juice (requested by my sweet brother), and 2 pitchers of lemonade.

Christmas Eve's Remington Chiller:

I know I look haggard..chasing two boys in a nonchildproof house, making two cakes and wrapping the rest of the gifts while doing laundry, and cleaning up Christmas eve will do that to a girl.

But then.....


My "Naughty" shirt is one we made last "nice" husband's lights up.

(picture from 2007, which just goes to show how haggard Christmas makes me look!)

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Olivia Faye said...

I could go for a glass of Remington Chill right now.

devonaz said...

Oh I am so jealous I want some lemons...I just had a hot cup of tea with lemon in it and oh it was so good....congrads on the juicer,,I had one till I burned it up,,,and you dont look haggard,,you look beautiful...

Michelle Devine said...

That lemonade looks so yummy! I hope you guys had a nice Christmas.


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