Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chaotic Thursday

So far this morning it has been nonstop action. And not the good kind.

  • The baby woke me up playing with the light switch. over and over and over. ok thats not too bad.
  • woke up with another headache. thats not that great.
  • He immediately slips away and wakes up his big brother.
  • meanwhile, phone is ringing. I go to the phone and no one is there.
  • I go into big brother's room to find puzzles everywhere. I ask them to clean it up. I can handle this.
  • I leave to go into the mess of a utility room to find something and I hear screaming.
  • yellow paint everywhere. no pictures this time. i am mad.
  • while i am cleaning that, with baths carpet and other messes, my brand new sink for the first time ever use wont drain.
  • and i find my little harold has colored all over his big brother's walls, mirror and furniture. thank you mr clean eraser.
  • big brother spills UTEE everywhere.
  • throw them both in the bath.
  • still cleaning the huge messes while i am trying to empty sink with a bowl from one room to the next, texting my sweet husband about the sink
  • start first load of laundry of about 10 loads today
  • boys drain bath tub and screaming they are cold.
  • "baby" pees all over big brother's rocket ship rug. more screaming.
  • clean up that.
  • get them dressed.
  • finished ordering a christmas present online through it
  • need to clean up utility room, and hallway from the chaos of the sink still.

Ok, now I think I can get them breakfast. Its not like its 11 am.

Just breathe. I wouldn't trade this job for the world. Pin It


Julie said...

I'm right there w/you! A hundred things done by 9am! Feels like the day lasts forever!

Michelle Devine said...

Im laughing. Not at your situation but because I remember those days well. Cherish them. They really do fly and you will miss them believe it or not.

devonaz said...

Oh rebecca I remember the days,,consider yourself hugged..and remember they grow up to fast...little boys will be boys...

Diana said...

It's all good, and yes it is the best job in the world!! My mom is ALWAYS telling me to breathe! Good advice that! :)

Diana said...

Oh my goodness, Friend!

Rebecca Tresler said...

yeah and then after i posted this, all this stuff from the top shelf of my utility room fell on top of me when i was on the floor cleaning!


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