Monday, December 22, 2008

Sneek Peak Reveal!

Remember this post? Surprise! Its finished! (and I dont mean that in a "surprise! wow! its finished!" I mean that as in.... hahaha)

Ok, here it is:

Supplies Included:
  • wood
  • door handle
  • knobs from ikea
  • brackets from ikea
  • wooden dowl for rack
  • hinges
  • recycled kitchen bowl (my favorite and only silver bowl...its for a good cause.)
  • paint
all dishes towel and utensils with cup are from ikea

And here is the play food for it:

The first picture includes old and new felt food

And this is some awesome wooden food that Jackson got from his aunt on his birthday:

I kind of feel like we are regifting the food...but its more of helping them set it up...ya know, to get the full effect when they see it. :)

I will have action shots from Christmas later this week...with their fun aprons i (*gasp*) bought from JoAnn. Hey, you cant beat a dollar! Pin It


devonaz said...

That is to cute,,great job..cant wait to hear the boys reaction...

sherry said...

Just too cute. You guys did an awesome job


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