Monday, December 8, 2008

God's the the TRUE artist!

Just look at this masterpiece! I was out in the garage talking to Micah and saw a very different looking glow over the nieghborhood. I went out back to see what was going on, and saw this!

Completely straight out of the camera. I was afraid I was going to miss it, so I hurried with the shot. No picture could have captured this beauty.

Its something special when both boys wake up from their nap and come out and see this sunset seperately and react all on their own. Between the wonder of a child and this gorgeous light, there is no denying the faithfulness of God!

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Anonymous said...

The third pic reminds of a sunset I saw as I was leaving school in Scottsdale and the purple made the mountains look like "Purple Mountains Majesty". Also - in the summer I get to see the sunrise on my way to work - it's my fave thing. If only the paint store can recreate those beautiful colors.

jrussell said...

Wow! Now I know what you were talking about. That is gorgeous! Awesome, just like GOD!

Michelle Devine said...

I saw the same thing from my neck of the woods. Had to take pictures too. Isnt it amazing!

kim hesson said...

beautiful photos! i think i must've been inside when this happend...dang!


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