Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Your mom goes to college.

I got really funny looks wearing this. People either got it (like my sister or the young guy at Best Buy who just kept looking at me and laughing) or they didn't (like the returns guy at walmart and my dad... "but what does it mean?") . This shirt is so cool. Napolean Dynamite is so cool. Micah is so cool for getting me this shirt and loving me despite my sense of humor and knowing that I would think its so cool.

I know I probably get on people's nerves for saying it a lot, but I think its funny and thats what counts, right? :)

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Your mom. (Melissa) said...

First of all that is the coolest shirt EVER, second what it says will never ever stop being funny to me so you will always have me to joke around with! ;) I wish I had that shirt too, te he he. Love it! :)

Olivia Faye said...

Your mom is so cool.


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