Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Cookies!

Next week I will start baking my Christmas cookies! I am excited as I look forward to this week of baking every year (and usually by the time I finish, I am saying I will never do it again)!

This year I am going to be cutting back a bit (in both varieties and amounts), but will do the traditional cookies we always have to have:

Chocolate chip
Sugar Cookies
Candy Cane cookies
maybe Fudge...or no bake cookies, trying to pick between the two...
and I think I am going to do banana bread because I have a freezer full of bananas

Will post recipes and pictures next week! :)

What types of holiday treats do you make? Pin It


devonaz said...

I am baking next week to, only because we had to order a heating element for the oven since ours went on the blitz..I think I am doing muffins this year instead of bread they dont seem to eat up the bread like I would like them I am trying muffins this year plus about 6 types of cookies...good luck...

Rebecca Tresler said...

muffins sound good! not good about the heating element though. 6 types of cookeis! yum!


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