Sunday, December 7, 2008

No Sew TuTu

I know I have no real need for this yet, being a mom of boys and all, but I got this awesome tulle netting last night from my mother in law and thought a no-sew tutu would be a great photography prop for sweet little baby girls through school age girls!

(Now, if only my husband and my boys would stop putting it on their heads and acting like they are crazy pink monsters running around the house and growling with it...)

And the directions are all over the web, but here they are for ya if you need them!

  1. several yards (lets say 4 to be safe) tulle
  2. elastic

I cut 16 inches of elastic and tied it in a tight knot. You can adjust for a specific waist.
Then, cut the tulle into 4-6 inch wide strips and make length however long you would want it. Double knot it on the elastic. Repeat. Over and over and over.

The easiest way for me when tying the tulle on the elastic was putting the elastic on my leg to help keep it still.

You can add satin ribbon, and different colors of tulle too! (I did two shades of pink). I have a couple of other colors that would be fun too, but I think there's only room for one tutu in this house.


And I admit....I tried it on the boys to see if it would fit.. (Jackson cried...) and then I did what seemed appropriate with a tutu in our house...I put it on my head, growled and chased them! Pin It


Tina said...

Gotta love boys!! :)

Crazymama said...

I love it! I'm so going to have to make one of those:)

Julie said...

I have one from last xmas I bought Lele. I love it! I wanted to make more & never had the time. But, yes, it's a 'girly' thing ma'am! hee-hee. Boys run fast!!


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