Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pot Holders W/ Apron

I am loving pot holders right now. The problem with pot holders though, is that (mine at least) get stained up, burnt up, and just well loved.

I made a set of four of these for my sister in law...and now I want to make more! I looked at one of mine, and went from there with it.

I plan on making a lot more, and will post a tutorial with the next batch!

(and here is the matching apron that my sweet sister in law was nice enough to take a picture of me for!)

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j. russell said...

No way, I love this! What a clever idea, apron with matching pot holders! Sorry, I don’t get out much lol!

devonaz said...

Rebecca you are becoming the next Martha Stewart(in a good way). Love the pot holders and apron..good job.


Lovin' my apron. said...

Gosh, you have one lucky sister in law! I wish I could rock that apron w/matching pot holders......oh wait I do! Yay!!!! :) Hehe, ok I'm a nerd...but....your mom. Heart.

Julie said...

Love the ruffles & pot holders!


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