Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Boys are Super Heroes!

...well, they will be on Christmas day!

I saw this idea a few months ago and went and bought the stuff to make them that day. I intended on putting them away until Christmas, but then I never actually sat down and did them! This week I realized I have a lot to do, and I wouldn't let myself start until I finished these.

I was going to put the lightening bolts on the cuffs but changed my mind. the front is a velcro closure with a big button. Lightening bolts were Micah's favorite thing to draw when he was little, so it fits well.

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Danibee said...

OHMYGOSH! Those are adoreable!

Megan A. said...

those are so cutE!

sherry said...

so cute. I am sure your boys will love themthese

devonaz said...

Those are to cute, cant wait to see the boys in them...good job.

rachael said...

So cool! It's my plan to make Jacob the same thing for Christmas! Every time we ask him what he wants for Christmas he just says "superhero".

These look awesome! In fact, it looks like you have been busy. I see lots of crafty goodness.

Well, I miss you hearing from you. Glad to hear you and your boys are all doing so well!

Congrats on your etsy shop! I anticipate you doing very well. :)

Michelle Devine said...

What adorable super heros they will be

Melissa said...

The boys are gonna have so much fun in those! They look awesome! Great job mama! :)

Crazymama said...

These turned out really great! I can't wait to see the boys in them:)
I'm starting mine tonight.


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