Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Second Annual Gingerbread House

(I posted these and more on our family site :))

We built our gingerbread house this morning! We cheated this year and went with the wilton kit after last year's craziness. I have chosen to block it out of my mind, but my husband tells me we did finish it and take pictures. Hmm, might have to do a little searching for those.

Jaden calls it "Ginger's House" after his Aunt Ginger maybe? They had a blast helping, dancing, singing and eating the very stale candy.

Simple...cute....and a big hit! I think they did a great job! Pin It


sherry said...

Cute cute cute. What great pics of the boys

Diana said...

so, so cute! I love the concentrated looks on their faces,just precious!

devonaz said...

How precious,,what a cute project and they did do a fantastic job....

Christmas Creations said...

We love doing ginger bread houses each year. We are doing our tomorrow. Yours turned out so cute. I love the pics of the boys. They are getting so big.


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