Friday, January 16, 2009

Aprons (x2)

Custom order for Kim at the KTBowtique! Hopefully its just what she was looking for!

I made two: (I have said this before, apron pictures are hard to take when you are home alone, but this at least shows the colors, just not the shape too well) the pink fabric is heidi!

Thanks Kim! I hope you guys like them!!
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Diana said...

Great job! LOVE the colors!! :)

MiracleMama said...

omg, Love it! As always...haha!!
I am becoming addicted to your blog!!

Do you make all of your aprons free-hand? Or do you have a bunch of different patterns??

sherry said...

beautiful colors. I like the oink and black together

Rebecca Tresler said...

Thanks guys!

Amanda, everything is freehand. :)

sherry said...

Man I guess my fingers were off a key It should be pink sorry

Rebecca Tresler said...

haha thank goodness i wasnt wearing it when you typed that! ;)

Kim D said...

Love did a great job Rebecca! Thanks so much!


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