Thursday, January 22, 2009

Digital Frames

I am up wide awake, while everyone around me is snoring...story of my life. My big guy just woke up calling from his big boy top bunk "Come here come here". He does that a lot. Sleep talks...and sleep walks. Its kind of scary sometimes.

Anyway, I have been drooling over these frames at Thompson Family-Life for a bit now...the price is great because you can use them over and over and over. Every once in awhile, digital really grabs me. You can even change the colors on these! I went for the gold for all three examples this time. Yep...went for the gold. Mostly because everytime I changed the color, when I transferred the picture, everything turned the color. What am I missing here.
What a little stud. If I ever need a picture in a pinch, he is my go-to man...boy. I love him.

And look at this little guy. The full picture of this is hilarious. His outfit is so cool though, its my husband's from 1978 :) I love him too. And my husband.

Maybe now I can go to sleep...or keep listening for the rain that we are getting...which also grabs me. I love rain....and sparkling cider....and these digital frames...and thanks to a certain someone, Fry's French bread. So good. You could eat it plain...or with sparkling cider, while playing with digital frames, listening to the rain.

Ok, must try to get to bed now!
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