Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mmm... Oranges....

My brother in law Matt always says that no where else can you get such good oranges than you get in Arizona. (He should know, he is not only a world traveler, but a former resident of Florida and now resides in California!). I didnt really understand until yesterday (I used to live in Florida), when I picked one right off the tree and ate it. 

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go pick as many oranges as our little hearts desired! Micah's sister got us a nice hook up! I have never had oranges that taste this good and sweet. I am loving it!

Oh I have big plans for these oranges. I am going to make orange marmalade from the ones in the green bag..those are sour oranges. I am going to make orange juice and orange dessert, orange chicken, candied orange and maybe orange sugar too. The possibilities seem endless!...and if anyone in this house gets sick this winter, its not because we didn't have vitamin C!

Right now, I have some orange potpourri on the stove and it smells great! 

orange peels
1 cinnamon stick
cloves (I didnt have whole cloves so I used ground)

Fill with water and simmer.

Great use for the orange peels that we didn't put into the compost!
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