Friday, January 2, 2009

One reason why crayon holders are so cool.

Because examining table paper at urgent care makes great art! Hey, my camera on my phone takes pretty decent pictures!

We spent the evening of new year's in urgent care for jackson...he was really struggling to breath and it started getting scary. Turns out he has bronchitis, croupe and ear infection. Yikes!

I have the breathing machine ready for if he needs it during the night, meds all taken (the steriods cause loss of sleep...which explains why he is wide awake at almost 1 am). Going to be laying low for the next few days...wonder what the picture of the day will entail! Pin It


sherry said...

Sending wishes for a speedy recovery for Jackson. That is scarey, but how great of an idea with the colors. I could have used those many years ago when we sat in Dr offices waiting to be seen

Julie said...

Hope Jackson is feeling better soon!

Diana said...

Poor little guy! I sure hope he's feeling better soon!

Oh yes and thanks for this WONDERFUL idea to let the kids color on the paper! I never thought of that!

Tina said...

Hope Jackson is feeling better!


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