Friday, January 9, 2009

Pot Holders Tutorial

How to sew your own pot holders!

Gather your material for as many as you want. I was matching my apron, and wanted 1 for each ruffle on the apron:

You will need:
  • material for front and back...the back of these is terry cloth
  • batting (do whatever thickness you would like. The best is the Insulbright. I didn't have any on hand here so I doubled a thinner batting I had)
  • ribbon for the loops if you want loops
  • thread
Now determine what size you would like. I wanted square this time, so I used another one I had as a guideline. 
I cut all three materials into 9x9 squares per potholder.

Do this for front, middle and back

Oh, dont forget to cut your ribbon loops if you want them added. Mine were kind of long, so I think even 4-5 inches would be fine.

Now, pin ribbon so that the loop is inside the right side of material, ribbon edges lining up with material edge.

Then sandwich the front with the back of the potholder and batting.

Pin all three layers together (if you like)...I don't like pins, I always forget to take them out, so I usually skip them.

So it should go:

right sides together of the back and front and then batting.

Now its time to sew it all together!  

Sew three sides completely, and the fourth side, leave enough room to turn right side out (about an inch and a half, its pretty thick).

Turn right side out.

Then fold that part that wasn't sewn together so that it looks this part shut and keep going all the way around to give it a finished edge (all four sides)

Tada! Thats it! You have a pot holder :)

Let me know if you have any questions.... and don't be afraid to use them once they are finished (like I am!)
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The Porter Family said...

Those are so cute :) I may have to steal your idea!

sherry said...

Very pretty in fact almost too pretty to use. You did a great tutorial

Jay & Kelli's Sweet JAM said...

Sew Pretty, Rebecca ;-) My pot holders are hurting so I may need to give these a shot!

MiracleMama said...

Yayyy thanks Becks!! I am so excited to make these!!!


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