Monday, February 16, 2009

Another sweet baby blanket...

I always love creating and seeing the finished product of these baby blankets (the messy middle part isnt too fun, but its always worth it when its finished..tell that to my furry contacts right now :))

This one is a gift from Micah and I for someone that Micah works with. They didn't find out the gender and its their first baby. Their colors in the nursery are brown and turquoise, so I am hoping this matches to their liking. Micah and I went and picked it all out together, so I thought that was kind of neat.

My favorite part of this is the ribbons. Really wide and fun ones with brown velvet mixed in too! Its 36x36 so its a good size square blanket.

Now its back to my housework. Which is definitely not sweet....and to clean my contacts from silky fleece!
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Carolyn said...

Aw, I have a Micah who has a taggy. My daughter has taken to her taggy much more than my son. I was selling some of these in my Etsy shop but the Taggy company had Etsy pull all (or a lot of) the taggy listings. Copyright infrigement (which I can understand)!


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