Saturday, February 28, 2009

Garden Markers

Well the garden is slowly coming to life. Its taking a bit longer I think because I started everything outside, but its starting to make its way to looking like something! 

This year I wanted something cute to tell me what was dying...I mean growing out there, but couldn't really find anything 1. cute and 2. in my price range. Then I thought "Rebecca. Make them."

Let me rephrase that. My husband can make them. He cut out some wood and I glued them on some flat sticks and then, the boys and I took the cutter over to our friend Kelli's.  She was brave and spread out some newspaper in the kitchen and let all three boys paint the markers. 

If you can handle crazy Harold in your are a true friend.

After blood, sweat and tears (just from my two), we cleaned up and took over, finding that its not as big of a sin as we thought to mix the colors. 

The cutter came in handy to cut letters from vinyl. Then they are sealed with some uv resistant gloss sealer.

You could get really fancy with these..modge podge paper, paint fancy designs, etc...but I really like how the solid (the mixed paint colors by the 3 year old and the scribbly 1.11 year old) markers look. I still have more to do, but here are a few:

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J and K's Sweet JAM said...

Oh Jaden & Harold are welcome to paint our house, I mean, paint AT our house anytime. So much fun. Thanks, Micah ;-)


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