Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Blog Look!

Thanks to Houseof3! What a cute little blog facelift! I thought it would be more fun to do one already made than to try to tackle making my own. It was so fast and easy to do.

However....I accidentally deleted all of my links on the side bar....I still have every single one of them in my Google Reader though *which is what I use to keep on everyone's fun blogs! So if there was a link here you need, just let me know!

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kim hesson said...

it's so fun! love there stuff. it's perfect for spring as well!

Sparklinbecks said...

Yes! Especially with the way the weather feels right now. I was itching for a whole new makeover!

Kim D said...

love House of 3. I redid my blog with some of their stuff as well...too cute!

Michelle Devine said...

I love it. So bright and cheery. I love your new photo too. Cute shot.

Tina said...

Very Cute!!! I really like it.

Melissa said...

Sweet makeover! :)


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