Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yes, I am a nerd.

Today has been a nonstop action day! This morning I picked up my fruits and veggies through Bountiful Baskets. I saw the prettiest sunrise (for me anyway, I never see sunrises) and thought about running in and getting my camera, but I was so afraid to wake up the boys, I chickened out. It was a good selection this week. All "normal" stuff that I know we will eat up fast.
Then I went and taught at Devine Memories for the Sweetheart workshop. It was a fun group and I really enjoyed seeing familiar faces and meeting new people too! Thanks to those who came out!
When I got home, I needed to go out and work more on the garden that we resurrected yesterday. The whole project has turned into a beastly nightmare. My husband is at Lowes for the billionth time as I write this. The chupacabra (our dog Blitzen) ruins the garden, so we need to put up a fence to keep him out. If this side ever gets finished, we will put one on the other side of the house to keep the kids contained. When you get out there, you start seeing more and more things that need to be worked on or changed. Its never ending around here, and it can get overwhelming if you let it. I am happy to report that all boxes are now in the attic from Christmas *happy dance!*
Before I went out to the garden, I made a super quick and easy gardening apron. Flower material, red bias tape, blue lace and three pockets. Totally fun, random and spur of the moment: (and this picture proves the fact that I am a nerd.)

Tonight we are taking the boys over to their grandparents' house to play. It was supposed to be a date night, but......this fence project is so out of control and it has to get done asap, so looks like the boys get to go play and we get to keep working. (Hurray.) Who knows..maybe we will go out.

Thats it for today. I know that was such an exciting post.


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Melissa said...

You are not a nerd! LOL Cracking me up... I like the apron, and hey a girl needs to be fashionable. I hope you got to go out on your date night. :)

Melissa said...

What would life be if we couldn't be nerdy? ;) Work that apron girl!

Kasie said...

You're adorable, goofy pose and all.


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