Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Busy Busy Day!

Today was a fun and crazy day with canning and food preserving! My friend Kelli and I went in on a 40 lb case of pink lady apples and 140 lemons. 

The 4 kids all played well together, the smallest ones would occassionally sneak an apple and we got a lot accomplished! 

We made:
7 jars of applesauce (plus a half quart with uncooked apples)
7 jars of pie filling (2 of the jars were pints)
and each took 23 apples for our family.  (46 left over!)

Lemon Sorbet-to cleanse the pallet (:)) Used my ice cream maker and it was lightening fast.
after we made these, we then split the remainder of the lemons (which were a lot) 
I juiced my portion and ended up with up with almost 3 quarts of lemon juice! (plan on using the lemon rinds too)

Its a lot of work but always worth it in the end. I plan on juicing and dehydrating the apples from my half and she will be making apple butter. yum!

warning. all about my kids alert!

Jackson loves lemons but not on his pacifier (BoBo, as we call it here.) Please ignore his pantless self..he hates pants and eventually you dont fight it anymore.

...and Jaden imitating his baby brother:

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Michelle Devine said...

U were one busy lady today. You are my idol. The boys are so cute. I giggled

J and K's Sweet JAM said...

Thanks for a super fun day! Please do not take any more pictures of me...especially in my glasses!!!!

Melissa said...

You guys got a lot done! How awesome! Oh and to Kelli: That picture is really pretty, I don't know what you are talkin' about! :)

Sara said...

I need a how to post on canning! Is it terribly hard to figure out? Or do I need lots of equipment? There is such fabulous produce here in Japan, but I'm clueless!!

Sparklinbecks said...

Sara, heres a past link I wrote on canning:


pickyourown.org is good too!

And that fabric came in! email me!


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