Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sick day for Mommy... we made up a quick batch of play dough after I was reminded of it on a mama forum I am a part of. I usually make up a batch every year, and this year I had LOTS of help in the kitchen. 

Now I can lay down and they can play with a "new" toy for a little bit. Plus its pouring outside (very rare for us) so its pretty dark and gloomy. This way, its a win win for everyone!

Play Dough recipe:

2 cups warm water
2 cups flour
1 cup of salt
1 Tb of cream of tarter
2 TB of vegetable oil

Mix on medium heat until it forms a ball. 

Don't stop stirring until mixed.  If you need a stirring break, call on a friend to help.

Now, divide into as many colors are you want to have, and mix in colors when play dough has cooled. We did 6. I love teaching Jaden how mixing colors make new colors.  We also added extracts in that I had to make scented ones. My favorite is the orange.

Currently Jaden is making dinosaur bones...and hopefully my sweet husband gets home from church soon so I can really rest!
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Melissa said...

They are so cute together with their dough! How fun! Sorry you are sick! Feel better quick, take it easy!

sherry said...

Love your colorful dough. How fun that you scented it.
Fell better soon


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