Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jack's new pillow

Big brother Jaden has had his pillow for over a year, and Jackson has been wanting one of his own. His little baby pillow just isn't cutting it anymore. (Although I did sew a quick case for it that was nice and soft)

Today during nap time, and in between baking cookies, I made this one... and its sad to say it makes me jealous for one...and the husband too. I might make a couple for the living room in adult size.

 The fabric I chose was from that blanket set I made a couple weeks ago...two reasons: because its soft and sweet and because it was close and I didnt have to climb for it. And the best part was, I thought I was going to have to buy a bag of stuffing, but I found a hidden one!

When he woke up and saw it, he knew it was just for him. He drug it all around with him tonight and would randomly hug it. That makes a mama happy.

And I think he liked the cookies I baked too :)

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