Friday, February 6, 2009

Fabric "Garbage" Bag

I have had a small bag that also doubles as a pin cushion for thread remnants when I sew for awhile now. Its not very big and also missing at the moment, and I get tired of thread, paper, fabric, paper towels from painting, etc all over the place and needed a cute way to collect all this during projects. I needed something different.

I googled high and low (maybe I was using the wrong search words) but I just couldnt find what I was looking for with a tutorial, so I figured out one myself.

If anyone is interested in one, or if you would like a tutorial done for yourself, let me know! I might be putting some on etsy this month.

I love it because its a nice big size and its reversable if I want it to be! I have boning in the opening so it always stays open, and I put sand in the top to keep it weighed down to the table.
Now its time to go tackle the yard and garden! So excited to get those christmas boxes back into the attic!

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Michelle Devine said...

That is way cute. I do need to chat with you about some other projects. Ill be texting ya.

Melissa said...

I really like that little concept! Really cute!!!


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