Sunday, February 15, 2009

Whew! I am TIRED!

Warning! This is probably a very boring post to everyone. Its more for my own peace of mind and ramblings.

Today was supposed to be a productive day. Actually, so was yesterday. We have four trees that need to be planted, a vine that is waiting to be planted, a fence in the backyard that needs to be finished (half started), another that needs to be built, other odds and ends with the sprinkler system, the grass needs work, etc. And thats just outside.

Did anything get done? No. After church, we spent the day doing errands that needed to get done, and then had dinner at my parents' house. When I got home, of course I started into something completely not needing to be done right now.

I just wanted to see how i am doing for my February goals, as we are halfway through the month. Lets see's what i have finished

  • start a new Bible study. - not necessarily a new Bible study...but a lot of questions are being answered.
  • update my etsy...sick of seeing christmas stuff on there, time to put fun new things in! -i have started with the wipe cases. got more fabric today to make more crayon rolls.
  • make Jack's pillow-waiting for the stuffing to go half off at JoAnn - done and i found a bag of stuffing so it was free!
  • build and stain Jack's dresser -skipping this. bought plastic (gasp. i know i am horrible.) drawers for closet instead today. i think i am much happier this way. who knows how long he will be in his crib and in his current furniture state anyway. and the drawers were clearanced at lowe's.
  • put the boxes in the attic from christmas so that I can have the patio back (not my job. i did my part before 2009!) - you better believe thats done. woo hoo! its got tools and such on it for fence in progress.
  • start 2009 garden - done for now!
Ok...about half way done! And of course, I keep adding to the list. I have a feeling that its going to run into March...and I am ok with that...March's list is already crazy! Pin It

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