Saturday, February 21, 2009

Paint Brush Organizer

I have a lot going on my head right now. Lots of crazy nonsense. Some good...some bad. I have a billion things I want to work on today to push it all out. Random nonsense here, I know.

Anyway. Wednesday (I think?) I made this paint brush organizer to keep my brushes all nice
 and in one spot. I customized it for me and put a snap pocket inside too. I still didnt make it big enough (I have a lot of the plastic scrapers that came in a pack) but I told myself that not everything and the kitchen sink has to be in there. Just focus on the brushes.

Each pocket is different sizes because that way the brush is held in better. Its a lot snugger than the crochet hook organizer I made (which I dont think I ever posted, did I? Its cute).

And now I am going out to breakfast. Its rare when my husband is home on a Saturday morning, not at work! Its even more rare when I have a babysitter sleeping on my couch and we can sneak out while the kids are sleeping!

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Michelle Devine said...

Way fun. I love it. You totally inspire me :)

J and K's Sweet JAM said...

I love this fabric.


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