Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fabric memory lane...

....because I want to and I can.

I need to make a paint brush holder and am thinking of using the rest of my favorite fabric if I have enough. Then I was thinking how I keep talking about what I have done with this fabric in the past. So I thought I would post it here:

I also have baby pictures of Jackson in his boppy and his sling and didn't want to dig them out, so I did new ones today. (Jaden took the sling pictures. :))

I did a lot (and sometimes still do) of baby wearing. Remember the mei tai I made? I have so many fun pictures of carrying both boys. I did more with Jackson because I learned more about baby wearing the second time around. It makes me look forward to one day doing it all over again :)

And my boppy cover. The back is a soft black material with a black zipper. My first every zipper!

Ok, ok....since I am going down this little memory lane are some old action shots.

Pregnant and looking horrible while carrying my handsome Jaden, (it can hold 30 pounds!). The sling wasnt sized right here but I was excited I made it.


....and when Jack was a baby, I still needed to adjust it...but he is so sweet :)

So sweet. I just want to kiss those lips.

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Melissa said...

You sure do love that fabric. Your boys are so cute. I love the baby shots, Makes me want another but this time I need to think "Girl"

Michelle Devine said...

You are almost making me baby hungry. I said ALMOST!!!

Diana said...

Awe! You are too cute!

Melissa said...

I am baby hungry; so the pictures helped me with my fix! Your boys are so cute and they have the most beautiful momma, how could the not be cute!


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