Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dont let them fool ya!

Aw. Two brothers. What a couple of cute kids. Sitting there like best friends. Big brother has his arm around his little brother like the Great Protector. Silly little smiles like they are just so sweet!

Sure, they are sweet. But they are also crazy! Look closely, and you can see the scrape by Jaden's eye because Jackson didn't get his way. One could even think that devious smile from Jackson is him plotting his next move. And Jaden, maybe that arm around him is about to be a choke hold, or a restraint to keep Jackson where he wants him....or the perfect spot to push him over. You don't see the tackles, the crying, the screaming and the darting away from the crime scene.

Did this all happen after the picture? Maybe. Maybe not.

Just don't let them fool ya. They may be cute, but it doesn't stop there! Brothers. :)

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