Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rebecca's Ramblings

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all of the stuff I want to do but dont have the time or money to do. If it were up to me, I would create every break I could. Neither my mind or bank account can even attempt to keep up with everything! Other times, all I want to do is...nothing! There are times when I dont even have a desire to pick up the camera.

ANYWAY! Today I started a new project that will take me a pretty long time to do but I am excited to post it when it is finished! I exhausted google trying to find this online and came up short, so this is coming from my own head and also picking my dad's brain a bit too (as it was something that his grandmother made him when he was small). I have been wanting to do this for a pretty long time and JoAnn was having a killer sale, so I mustered up the courage to try to do this. My great grandmother was the most talented woman-artist I have ever known, and to be able to do anything at her skill level...well, I would amaze myself.

Also, while I was picking up the materials to do this, I found some fabric dirt cheap to make curtains for the bedroom. I wasnt planning on doing this any time soon but the fabric was pretty and so marked down that I just couldn't pass it up! I might have enough to do some pillows and make a seat cushion to match for our chest at the end of the bed/ I wanted to buy all of it since they were clearancing it all out but I had to maintain some control.

And finally, this weekend we will be having a yard sale to clear out our house and make a little extra money. There will be TONS of stampin' up! stamps as well as lots of other fun stuff, so make sure ya stop on by! I havent finished going through everything yet and its hard to part with some things even though I need to, so the pile may or may not grow between now and then.

Just for fun, here's a shout out to my monkey chicken!

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Shannon said...

your monkey chicken is oh soooo cute!

Rebecca said...

thanks aunt shannon! i think so too!!


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