Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Giveaway!

Remember the vinyl "Welcome" that I ordered but they were taking too long to ship it to me? Well, now it is here and looking for a good home!

Here is description for it:

Vinyl Wall Lettering Size: 4" x 14"
self adhesive, vinyl lettering that is perfect for any surface. It can be applied to walls, wood, glass, cars, mirrors, tiles, plates, magnet boards, and so much more! It is so easy to apply, as well as remove. Every order comes with application and removal instructions.

(mine didnt come with instructions by the way but if you need help, let me fast shipping AND instructions. haha)

Leave a comment about a home project you are working on. Living room rearranging, closet organizing, new coat of paint, whatever! Or even something you are wanting to do?

I know I really want to spruce up my bedroom... or at least get curtains in there or the kitchen.

How about you? I'd like to hear from anyone! Winner announced Saturday Morning:)
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Sara said...

Hmmmm, a project around the house? Oh well, I'm doing projects for the house we're moving to. Does that count? I have a number in mind. But the main idea and the projects that are taking up the most of my creativity are the ones to make small apartment living more bearable! I'm researching ways to build a semi-self sustainable garden on an apartment balcony. I'm also working on a "hidden" litter box that moonlights as a kitchen garbage can. Oh, and I'm knitting socks for my hubby!

Enough projects for you? haha

Marti said...

We're working on our living room. It's been a long time coming. DH and I have different tastes in furniture, but recently we found something we both really liked.

We also moved me out of the dining room and into my very own scrap room. A welcome sign there would be perfect!

Christi said...

My project is repainting the doors that my son has drawn on for about 9 months. I have a rental inspection July 1st!!!

Olivia faye said...

Last night, me and mom went to Target, and I got a new makeup organizer.

robyns_song said...

We're in the process of designing a loft bed/playhouse for our Bella who is almost 18 months. We want a slide and stairs with built-in drawers. It's going to be an actual playhouse on bottom with a queen bed (for sleepovers with mommy and daddy) on top. While she's still little, her mattress will be on the floor. We'll have a rail around the bed a few feet high (of course) to keep her from falling off.

FotoDiva said...

Well, I pretty much ALWAYS have something going on. Right now I'm re-arranging the front play room. Trying to fit in an area to hang backdrops for taking photos... It's already full of toys, air hockey and a full size couch... and I'm sewing lots of little projects :)


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