Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gardening Glove Update

Since contacting the glove company with pictures of the experience I had using their product, I have been in touch several times with a very kind woman that has taken over this problem. She promptly sent UPS to my house to pick them up (it was really odd to have someone show up and take them for me like that unexpectedly) and after a couple of weeks she emailed me today to tell me she agrees it is very strange, that she is finding a lab to take these and to also pick out any two pairs in the catalog that I want since she knows I wont want the same product!!

I asked her to go ahead and pick them out for me (one of her suggestions) because I felt weird going in and picking out the most expensive ones since I spent 1-2 dollars on them....but then I do realized my arm skin was practically ripped off! Ah well. I trust her judgment. :)

So there ya have it. Stay tuned for the lab results. I am anxious to hear back about it!
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Melissa Tresler said...

I am anxious to hear what happens too! That was the strangest thing! I am glad they are taking care of it for you! That is good to hear! Hope she picks out some cute gloves! ;)

sherry said...

Glad they are doing something about it.


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