Friday, June 27, 2008

Is it time for a haircut?

I just don't know. I am very torn on this. This of course is his morning hair. But even when I comb it, it gets so wild. And two different people asked me this week about my "daughter" ...yikes! The killer part was when the one guy asked about my daughter and I nicely told him "oh this is my son" he asked me "Well then why doesn't he have his hair cut like he does?" Because they are two different people! I just told him that he's the baby and I haven't had the nerve to cut it yet.

But when it is combed, he has the sweetest softest curls in the back! Micah and I both keep talking about how its the style to wear longer hair. We both keep going back and forth on it.

So if I were to get it cut, I just want it trimmed...but I dont want it looking like a mullet. How would I go about doing this?!

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oliviafaye15 said...

Just give him a skullet

Rebecca Tresler said...

You are a HORRIBLE aunt! Ha ha ha

wait.....he'll do it if you do it.

Brittney said...

I like jacksons hair. it so becomes him (and your right hes jackson and jadens jaden), longer hair is in style...and you gotta love the curls! who cares what everyone else thinks hes your baby and if you love his long hair then you leave it the way it is!! :)

sherry said...

He looks so cute. But then I am partial to blonde long haired little boys.

Shannon said...

I like the cropped look. So whenever you wanna catch up this week I am very open. I know you leave soon but if its not ttoooo late lets try :)

Rebecca Tresler said...

hey shannon! cropped like jaden? i sometimes wish i could get his cut differently but his hair is kind of like his personality, haha wild and different but still sweet.


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