Monday, June 2, 2008


A couple of months ago, I was perusing (is that the correct way of spelling that?) some craft blogs and stumbled upon some diy silhouettes. My mom has some of us when we were little, my grandma has some of her kids when they were little and then she started selling ones she did later on when she went into business for it. I thought I would try my hand at this and see how it would turn out. By the way, when I went to find it in my "blogs I read" i couldnt find what site it was from, but if I do, I will post it.

Anyway, I went to the store that week to make my own but it started to add up and I decided it wasn't worth it and put it off in my mind. This weekend after making the monster truck cake stand and seeing the wood we had in the garage, I sweetly asked my husband to cut me two pieces from it and then batted my eyelashes at him for good measure. Plus, he had seen how mad I had just gotten at the sewing machine, and watched me give up, so I think he kinda felt sorry for me. (I was doing more bags--ha or tried to.)

It took me hardly any time to make them and I think they turned out pretty well! And the best was all stuff we had in the house. I am going to hang them in the hall, I think. I made them for the bedroom but I changed my mind.

Sorry for the poor pictures, bad lighting and angles. If I had taken better pictures, you would be able to see how each boy's hair is totally them. Jaden's is spikey and Jackson's is curly. I didnt get very good pictures of their mouths either. Maybe I will show them hung up once they get up in their spot :)

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Annie said...

Becks your blog is AMAZING!! Can you teach me how to do the silhouettes?? They look great!! :)

rachael said...

Those look fantastic! Soooo cool! I want to do one of Jacob.

I saw a tutorial from Danielle Thompson ( Maybe that's where it's from? I think we visit a lot of the same blogs!

Yours came out great!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for that Rachael! That was where it was! I looked for it forever yesterday! A lot of the blogs I look at are compliments of you anyway :)

Melissa said...

Those are awesome! I have been wanting to make one! I saw one on a blog awhile back, but yours are way cuter! You're gonna have to help a sista out and teach me how to do one too! ;)

Rebecca said...

of course I can!

Here is the link, thanks Rachael for the heads up to where I saw them

I did mine differently though since i didnt remember where I had seen them. I will post a tutorial on how I did them.


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