Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gardening Drama!

Micah has been wanting to transplant our garden so that it is run on the drip system for when we go out of town, but I was hesitant because I didnt think anything would live this long anyway. And to tell the truth, I hadnt even thought about it all dying when we go out of town until my mom opened my eyes this weekend. Plus we have had hose and watering prblems with the system I had shared before. So this week we have been working on getting it all planted in the ground, rather than in its cute little container.

Its been slow because Jaden is sick right now (AGAIN) but during naptime this morning, we went out and worked on it. I didnt want to ruin my nails today so I put on these cheap garden gloves I bought at lowe's last month that only cost me a couple of dollars.

Soooooo, I took a break and I crossed my arms talking to DH but when I went to pull my arms away to work again, much to my horror, the gloves had melted themselves to my skin!! That sensitive skin underneath your arms skin!

I instantly started crying (because you dont realize the amount of force you use to pull your arms out from being crossed) and looked down and saw I was still stuck to myself. I couldnt move! DH ran and got water and it wouldnt release so he had to run in and get cooking spray! Haha!! Once he started spraying it, it would slowly release, little by little. So here I am, soaking wet, greased up and dripping with cooking spray, and oh yeah, my skin was on fire! It was hilarious and PAINFUL!

Well, the gloves went straight into the trash. My arm is so bruised now and I have NO idea what happened! These are the type of gloves they were (I dont know if these have the coating on them but there was a grip type coating on them)...oh and mine were pink of course. :)

And here is my arm, the skin is super tender (the whole part where the glove was) but the bruise is where I intiially ripped the skin away. I didnt get a good picture of it but there is a super faint bruise that halos it about two inches out. This picture makes me look like a big baby, but I dont care. It doesnt do it justice. It was wicked!
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rajah1116 said...

OWWWW!!!!!!! That looks and sounds SUPER painful!

sherry said...

Oh my gosh that looks awful. I think you should takes those gloves back and complain or let the manufacturer know how awful they are. Thank heavens the boys didn't have them on. Hope it heals fast

Melissa said...

I would be complaining to the manufacturer about the gloves. That is ridiculous. I was about to cry looking at your arm. :( You poor thing! I hope it feels better soon!


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