Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hanging Tomato Plant

Micah saw this cool idea online the other day and my mom happened to give me a tomato plant at the same time, so we made this together.

What you need:
tomato plant, preferably a small one 2 liter clean bottle hot glue hole punch wire heat gun (or you can skip that step) and pliers fabric, burlap, whatever potting soil tomato plant

flowers to plant on the top ribbon to finish the edges

  • cut off the bottom of the 2 liter (you can reuse the bottom by making into a flower but thats a whole different post)
  • punch four holes for the hanger
  • carefully heat plastic and use pliers to invert the neck of bottle into itself
  • cover bottle with fabric *and ribbon, this will dress it up and also help the lifespan of the bottle in the sun
  • carefully place tomato plant at a bit of an angle inside the part you just inverted (the bottle opening) and fill up with potting soil. on the other side
  • attach hanger
  • water and hang!
You can also put flowers at the top to make it a hanging plant as well.

Here it is in its tiny glory.

And the best part of this was, we don't need a tomato plant cage/stand because of gravity, we recycled and we used everything from what we already had! Pin It


Melissa Tresler said...

Very pretty!

sherry said...

Neat idea. I saw this in a garden catalog and was intrigued with the idea. It will be fun to see how your plant does. Another great project


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