Saturday, June 21, 2008

Monkey Bathroom

Home with the Treslers continues as we take a peek into the Monkey Bathroom

I always says I would do the boys' bathroom differently once Jaden was potty trained, so back in January, Micah and I did this while he was sleeping. I should show the ugly before pictures of what we used to have...I do have pictures. I sold the old bathroom set at the yard sale for 5 bucks with the print. A steal for some one with that taste. I had been suckered into it back when we got the house. I am getting off subject....

Anyway, Jaden is our little Monkey Chicken, so we redid the bathroom for a great price in Monkey theme. (I did the vinyl today on the door and the walls)

Aim, Wash, Flush and Brush. Good motto for boys.

Jaden thinks it funny that the monkeys peek on him, so I put this one on the towels to keep him company.

Gotta have a monkey rug.

The stool, canvas and tissue box holder were already on hand, ready to be painted, so I matched them all to the shower curtain.

And last but not least, a tip for the day. To save water and laundry time, put a hook up for your towels you reuse. The boys' bathroom has 1 hook but both towels dry fast on it. Theres a frog underneath and then Monkey Chicken's.

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Swasey family said...

thats way to cute!I have a monkey bathroom for my little monkies too.I actually have the same exact rug too.I will have to take pics of mine, however the aim and flush thing is soo dang cute!

Michelle Devine said...

That is the cutest bathroom. Love all the monkeys, and the sayings are so cute

kim hesson said...

love the monkey's! when aliya was younger and learning to talk she couldn't say kameron and said monkey instead. so it stuck and that's his nickname around the house. "monkey-boy" your bathroom made me smile!


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